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Introducing Power BI Sidekick

A short introduction to this new Power BI external tool: Power BI Sidekick. What is it, where to get it and the go-to page with links to blogs about functionality and use cases.

Mini Tool – Implicit measures

It is considered best practice by many to use explicit DAX measures instead of implicit measures. As a developer, I would like to know if the no-implicit-measure principle is being violated. This is where the mini tool Implicit measures comes into place.

Report page analyzer (first glimpse)

A sufficient amount of time - required for a thorough description of the Report page analyzer - is lacking a bit on my side at this very moment. However, I want to give a sneak peak of what the Report page analyzer is capable of. Here we go!

Mini Tool – Bookmarks

A quick demonstration of the insights gained by this Bookmark analyzer. The mini tool Bookmarks provides a quick overview of the bookmarks in the report(s): where they are used, whether they are corrupt and – in case of selected visuals – which visuals are included in the selection.

Andreas Jongenburger


Fell in love with DAX and M at the same time. Hard to make a choice between them.

Fortunately, I am happy to see the best model requires M and DAX working closely together. 

It’s the perfect team!

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